A rollercoaster called LP3…

22 08 2011

The start of any rollercoaster ride is full of anticipation and feeling scared about the journey ahead.

2011 has been one of those rollercoaster years, with two ups being unfortunately accompanied by two downs.

We announced quite early on that my wife was pregnant.

But as with most ups, a down was soon to follow and we had to endure what I can only describe as one of the worst moments of my life. A miscarriage.

But that is for another blog entry.

We pulled ourselves back up off the floor and before we knew it, my wife was pregnant again. But we forgot to look out for the next down. Another miscarriage.

But that too is for another blog entry.

After a lot of heartache, my wife is pregnant again and for the first time we have seen a little heartbeat and are currently at 8 weeks. Early days I know, but this is the furthest that LP3 (why LP3? keep an eye out for another entry!) has got and everything is crossed.

So welcome to the world LP3. Mummy and Daddy will try will try and find a less bumpy ride for you, but hopefully the end of the ride will never be in sight.

And in the black corner, measuring in at 12.4mm, LP3!




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