Down, down and home…

28 09 2011

We arrived back in the UK with a thump on Sunday after an amazing holiday in the Maldives.

It’s an amazing place and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

It was LP3’s first holiday, just a shame he could not see what we saw!

Swimming with Manta Rays, Turtles and all manner of fish.

We even saw about 24 dolphins on our last day swimming past out bungalow, a beautiful sight.

But in a strange way we are hoping LP3 will see a bit of this as we’ve decided on a theme for the nursery.


What started with a really nice fish mobile bought in the hotel has turned into the idea of replicating what we saw whilst snorkelling in the Maldives.

Now I’m no Leonardo so I’m thinking that any imagery will be stickers or wallpaper, so if you have any ideas, just let me know.

So even though it’s always a bit depressing coming home after a holiday, we are lucky in that we have a lot to look forward to.




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