Deadmau5, you’re amazing…

30 11 2011

Being part of the Nokia Amazing Collective, I get sent missions that I need to complete to get entered into competitions.

Even though I’m cynical about marketing, I’m a sucker for it.

As you know, I won two tickets to go and see Deadmau5 at the Millbank Tower on Monday – “Nokia Lumia Live”.

Whoop Whoop!

The eticket just granted access to an area right in front of the  building as opposed to being on the other side of the Thames (where I think you probably got a better view!).

So with great pride I flashed my new Lumia 800 to get into our little area and waited with anticipation for the set to begin.

The top of the building started pulsing an electric blue in time with some heavy bass, almost like a Cylon’s eye.

The building started talking to us and at 9pm, TEED kicked off proceedings with a couple of tracks.

Then after a short break, Deadmau5 rocked up and everyone with their glo-stick mouse ears got a little excited.

The spectacle was pretty amazing, having never seen a 4D projection before.

Rather than describe it, check out this video.

Deadmau5 taking control

Photos don't do it justice, check out the video...

The set was quite short, only 15 minutes or so, which was a shame.

Deadmau5 later said he wants to do a 2-3 hour version, which gets me rather excited.

So thanks for the tickets Nokia, a great way to start off my Amazing Collective experience.

Now onto my next mission.

Flash the tash…


Watching the ninja monkey…

28 11 2011

The weekend was rather momentous.

At 22 weeks and seven days, I saw our baby move for the first time.

Whether it was a forward roll, a flying kick or a Bruce Lee style one inch punch, our little ninja made Mummy’s tummy move up for a split second.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

But that’s the skill of a ninja.

At 23 weeks, I read him his first book called Little Pea, which was rather appropriate I thought.

Little Pea ain't no ninja Daddy...

Unfortunately there was no reaction.

So next time he’ll be hearing about the adventures of Chuck Norris.

There used to be a street named after Chuck Norris, but it was changed because no one crosses Chuck Norris and lives.

A little prick…

25 11 2011

I visited my local blood donation centre yesterday to give away a pint of the red stuff.

It’s been a long time, 9 years in fact, and my decision was catalysed by a mailer saying levels of my blood type are running low (I’m  universal).

I had also been short listed as a potential bone marrow donor, but in the end they found someone more suitable – good news for the recipient.

When I started to think about the whole process and the impact it could have on someone’s life, I felt a bit embarrassed that it had taken me so long to donate blood.

For a split second’s worth of pain when the needle goes in you could ultimately help save someone’s life.

Imagine if one of your friends or family members had an accident and desperately needed blood but there wasn’t enough.

Not worth thinking about is it?

So why wait until you or someone you know is affected?

“96% of us rely on the other 4% to give blood”

I’m going to try to be a good boy now and visit on a regular basis, and as they say, do something amazing, give blood.

I did it all in my lunch hour but it might take you slightly longer if it’s your first time due to registration.

(And while you’re at it, sign up for the organ and British Bone Marrow Registry.)

It gives you a great feeling of satisfaction afterwards and the bonus is that you get a free bag of crisps and a pint of squash.

I even got a cupcake at my place.



I saw a Mau5. Where? There on the, er, at Millbank…

24 11 2011

One mission in, one prize won.

Nice track record.

Turns out I’ve won tickets to see Deadmau5 live at Millbank, which is pretty cool.

Thanks Nokia 🙂

Spouting rubbish…

23 11 2011

I’ve said some pretty stupid things in my life.

But with a memory like a goldfish, I tend to forget these lapses in my otherwise intelligent repartee.

But I have a wife.

In my experience, women have a memory that will ‘out-memory’ any supercomputer.

And they choose to remind you of these things when you least expect it.

Which got me thinking.

What has my lovely wife said to me that left me thinking, “you what?!”

Example 1

We went to the Farnborough Air Show (thank you wifey for putting up with that day!) as I love planes.

Especially fast ones that drop big bombs.

The Red Arrows were putting on their typically awesome display while I was there.

ME: “Just think of the training, the precision, the spectacle of the whole thing. Those pilots are at the pinnacle of their careers. Best of British. It gets you right here (fist pumping the ol heart). What fantastic chaps. Just listen…”

WIFEY: “Can you smell chips?”

Example 2

I’ve recently been bought a subscription to Focus magazine.

It’s a great place to learn about the latest advancements in science and technology and to generally pick up incredibly useful facts.

ME: “This is fascinating. They are drilling down to an underground lake, Vostok, 4km down and they have no idea whether there will be any life – this could lead to some exciting news, with leading implications to future space exploration. Blimey, it got down to -89 outside when they were drilling, the coldest recorded temperature.”

WIFEY: “I’ve got a really itchy mouth.”

Love you wifey.

I’m amazing? Why thank you…

22 11 2011

I’ve just become a member of Nokia’s The Amazing Collective.

The brucie bonus is receiving the new Nokia Lumia 800, which has led me to bin my existing iPhone (boo hiss apple).

Loving it, but more on that another time.

Being part of this collective means I get access to a range of benefits along the way and take part in missions to win prizes.

And my first mission, should I choose to accept it, is to upload something mouse-like.

Hmmm, maybe I could buy some Tesco salad and hope there’s a dead mouse inside?

Water makes your bones bend…

18 11 2011

Negotiation and reasoning with my child is something I look forward to as I think it’s a great test of parenting.

As we become adults I’m sure somewhere along the way, we lose a certain flair for arguing our case, explaining ourselves or getting what we want because we can’t resort to throwing a tantrum or shouting “I hate you” at a colleague until we get our way.

Kids test us because we become quite yes and no, black and white.

But for kids, things are not always black and white.

Or ‘grey’.

It might be yellow with teal poker dots.

For this reason I hope to learn a lot from my child in the coming years.

What I want to do is avoid getting into the position where I just answer “it just does, so be quiet” after being terrorised with a series of “Why Daddy?” questions.

Case in point.

I was about six or seven, and had just jumped out of a bath.

Having barely towelled myself down I was free to carry on with building my latest Lego creation whilst the carpet around me became sodden, but my Granny put a stop to it.

“Dry yourself properly.”


“Because you’ll catch your death” – not the nicest of things to say, granted!


“Because I say so. Do as you are told.”

“But why?” – now testing her patience.

“Because if you don’t the water will go into your body and bend your bones.”

Sometimes we just don’t have the answers to hand and simply making something up that results in the desired affect.

To this day, I still dry myself vigorously with that haunting thought at the back of my mind.

How long will you give me until “Don’t question me, just do it,” rings through the house?

She obviously didn't dry herself properly as a kid.