Middle lane walkers…

15 11 2011

As a now frequent user of the Underground, I’m becoming increasingly fascinated by people and their behaviour.

What is it about London transport that turns ‘Mild Mannered Mike’ into ‘Psycho Pete’?

I’m sure there are plenty of nice people in London but at times they are quite hard to find.

An example.

Imagine if you will you are driving along a motorway in the middle lane, minding your own business (you better not be in the middle lane if there is no traffic in the inside lane!).

Without looking in the mirror you just pull over to the inside lane.

You wouldn’t do it would you in case there is a car there.

So why do people walk along the middle of a corridor and the cut up corners without looking where they are going?

I was on the inside of someone who was texting away, not looking where they were going and ended up walking into me.

Somehow it was all my fault as I observed Psycho Pete’s paralysing stare and incredibly loud ‘tut’.

Chivas Regal created an ad centred around living life with chivalry (I like to think that’s how I live my life).

In the ad it show hows the knock on effect / virtuous circle of one persons bad day ripples out and affects others.

It’s a gross generalisation but commuters are selfish and wrapped up in their own little world.

Next time you travel in London, take time to observe, or just become more conscious of your surrounding environment.

Break that negative virtuous circle.

And stop cutting me up.




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