Water makes your bones bend…

18 11 2011

Negotiation and reasoning with my child is something I look forward to as I think it’s a great test of parenting.

As we become adults I’m sure somewhere along the way, we lose a certain flair for arguing our case, explaining ourselves or getting what we want because we can’t resort to throwing a tantrum or shouting “I hate you” at a colleague until we get our way.

Kids test us because we become quite yes and no, black and white.

But for kids, things are not always black and white.

Or ‘grey’.

It might be yellow with teal poker dots.

For this reason I hope to learn a lot from my child in the coming years.

What I want to do is avoid getting into the position where I just answer “it just does, so be quiet” after being terrorised with a series of “Why Daddy?” questions.

Case in point.

I was about six or seven, and had just jumped out of a bath.

Having barely towelled myself down I was free to carry on with building my latest Lego creation whilst the carpet around me became sodden, but my Granny put a stop to it.

“Dry yourself properly.”


“Because you’ll catch your death” – not the nicest of things to say, granted!


“Because I say so. Do as you are told.”

“But why?” – now testing her patience.

“Because if you don’t the water will go into your body and bend your bones.”

Sometimes we just don’t have the answers to hand and simply making something up that results in the desired affect.

To this day, I still dry myself vigorously with that haunting thought at the back of my mind.

How long will you give me until “Don’t question me, just do it,” rings through the house?

She obviously didn't dry herself properly as a kid.




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