Spouting rubbish…

23 11 2011

I’ve said some pretty stupid things in my life.

But with a memory like a goldfish, I tend to forget these lapses in my otherwise intelligent repartee.

But I have a wife.

In my experience, women have a memory that will ‘out-memory’ any supercomputer.

And they choose to remind you of these things when you least expect it.

Which got me thinking.

What has my lovely wife said to me that left me thinking, “you what?!”

Example 1

We went to the Farnborough Air Show (thank you wifey for putting up with that day!) as I love planes.

Especially fast ones that drop big bombs.

The Red Arrows were putting on their typically awesome display while I was there.

ME: “Just think of the training, the precision, the spectacle of the whole thing. Those pilots are at the pinnacle of their careers. Best of British. It gets you right here (fist pumping the ol heart). What fantastic chaps. Just listen…”

WIFEY: “Can you smell chips?”

Example 2

I’ve recently been bought a subscription to Focus magazine.

It’s a great place to learn about the latest advancements in science and technology and to generally pick up incredibly useful facts.

ME: “This is fascinating. They are drilling down to an underground lake, Vostok, 4km down and they have no idea whether there will be any life – this could lead to some exciting news, with leading implications to future space exploration. Blimey, it got down to -89 outside when they were drilling, the coldest recorded temperature.”

WIFEY: “I’ve got a really itchy mouth.”

Love you wifey.




2 responses

23 11 2011

F**king hilarious, Paul. Fact.

23 11 2011

Thanks! She keeps me entertained 😉

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