A little prick…

25 11 2011

I visited my local blood donation centre yesterday to give away a pint of the red stuff.

It’s been a long time, 9 years in fact, and my decision was catalysed by a mailer saying levels of my blood type are running low (I’m  universal).

I had also been short listed as a potential bone marrow donor, but in the end they found someone more suitable – good news for the recipient.

When I started to think about the whole process and the impact it could have on someone’s life, I felt a bit embarrassed that it had taken me so long to donate blood.

For a split second’s worth of pain when the needle goes in you could ultimately help save someone’s life.

Imagine if one of your friends or family members had an accident and desperately needed blood but there wasn’t enough.

Not worth thinking about is it?

So why wait until you or someone you know is affected?

“96% of us rely on the other 4% to give blood”

I’m going to try to be a good boy now and visit on a regular basis, and as they say, do something amazing, give blood.

I did it all in my lunch hour but it might take you slightly longer if it’s your first time due to registration.

(And while you’re at it, sign up for the organ and British Bone Marrow Registry.)

It gives you a great feeling of satisfaction afterwards and the bonus is that you get a free bag of crisps and a pint of squash.

I even got a cupcake at my place.






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