Deadmau5, you’re amazing…

30 11 2011

Being part of the Nokia Amazing Collective, I get sent missions that I need to complete to get entered into competitions.

Even though I’m cynical about marketing, I’m a sucker for it.

As you know, I won two tickets to go and see Deadmau5 at the Millbank Tower on Monday – “Nokia Lumia Live”.

Whoop Whoop!

The eticket just granted access to an area right in front of the  building as opposed to being on the other side of the Thames (where I think you probably got a better view!).

So with great pride I flashed my new Lumia 800 to get into our little area and waited with anticipation for the set to begin.

The top of the building started pulsing an electric blue in time with some heavy bass, almost like a Cylon’s eye.

The building started talking to us and at 9pm, TEED kicked off proceedings with a couple of tracks.

Then after a short break, Deadmau5 rocked up and everyone with their glo-stick mouse ears got a little excited.

The spectacle was pretty amazing, having never seen a 4D projection before.

Rather than describe it, check out this video.

Deadmau5 taking control

Photos don't do it justice, check out the video...

The set was quite short, only 15 minutes or so, which was a shame.

Deadmau5 later said he wants to do a 2-3 hour version, which gets me rather excited.

So thanks for the tickets Nokia, a great way to start off my Amazing Collective experience.

Now onto my next mission.

Flash the tash…




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