What do I want for Christmas? A tickle chimp…

1 12 2011

Sometimes there’s nothing I like more than having my back gently tickled on a Sunday morning in bed.

Nice and relaxing.

I could have it done for hours.

In there lies the problem.

The wife loses interest within 10 seconds.

And it’s not the same when you do it yourself (no, this is not euphemism).

There are two solutions.

1. I get another woman to jump into bed to help out

2. I train a chimp to do this

I’m not sure whether the pregnant love of my life would agree to point 1.

So, Santa.

Please can I kindly request that you train up a chimp that can tickle my back at my request.

I’ll treat him well and perhaps make a little cupboard for him in which he can live.

If he does a good job, he can have the loft.

I don’t ask for much and I’ve been a good boy.






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