Like me, like my orange elephant…

12 12 2011

“Capture amazing food lookalikes”

That’s the Nokia Amazing Collective mission and I’ve put a couple of photos up on facebook already.

I admit, the Nandos chicken and chips face didn’t quite work out as expected.

But I like my orange elephant complete with pith tusks.

Stop taking the pith.

There was a weekend update from the Amazing Collective.

They have introduced a medal table so you get:

  • a bronze medal for completing the mission
  • a silver medal for achieving 10 likes
  • a gold medal for having one of your images featured on their facebook page

Somehow I’m top of the table at the moment with one bronze and two golds!

So guess what I’m going to ask next.

When you see the images pop up on facebook, hit like!

I want to stay at the top.



My Nandos chicken and chips man has made the facebook page.

Poor orange elephant 😦




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12 12 2011

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