Hate the public? Work in the service industry…

13 12 2011

Grumpy old me again.

Rant time needed.

One of life’s important skills appears to be disappearing, especially in the service industry.


Restaurants, supermarkets, trains, they are all getting as bad as each other.

I know I’m generalising but bear with me.

If I get up from my table in a restaurant to go to the toilet, waiters should not push through and expect me to move out of their way.

They should invite me through first.

With a smile.

It’s a sign of good service that is just as important as the food.

Staff at my local supermarket run around forcing me out of their way with trolleys (yes, they can see me) or block my path even though they see me coming so they can stack a shelf.

Most of the time, I don’t mind moving out of the way, but they don’t even say thanks.

Call centres.

Don’t even get me started.

I know they have a job to do.

And it’s busy and frustrating dealing with the public.

Especially when they invade your work space.

But manners and even a (forced) smile cost nothing.

After all, these people who get in your way ultimately pay your salaries.

So, I suggest a new approach.


If people appear lacking in manners, they should have a sellotaped smile put into place.

It would serve as a reminder to remember their manners.

Plus it would give us an idea of which people to avoid and a laugh in the process.

It’s either that or do what my Granny used to do.

Give me a smack across the back of the head.




3 responses

15 12 2011

Ok, ignore my comment in reply to your blog entry. I just found you. For some reason your profile took me to an empty blog, not to this one. Now I can go back to the top and read this damned whinge.

15 12 2011

Ok, I am down with your point. I am sick of the miserable swines. Just take Tesco as a named example of the above complaint. They seem to be the worst. Between the shelf-stackers and the picker-packers you can hardly move in there some times of the day. As you rightly pointed out, not one of the bastards moves their oversized cage-trolleys to let you past, hell no.
When the hi-tech internet shopping monkeys come towards you they as good as bash you out of the way so they can reach the packed of baked beans for Maude at number 26 or the Pina Colada flavoured lubricant for Alec in flat 2b.

I understand that there is no pleasure in these jobs, other than perhaps knocking over some granny or running over the toes of little 3 year old Johnny but FFS, somebody needs to tell these f***ers to realise who is the boss.

16 12 2011

Have you seen the film Falling Down? If not, I think you’d take great pleasure in that one. Who will be first to kick off, you or me?

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