Let me clear my throat…

19 12 2011

I went for a little walk into town on Saturday.

It was a really nice, quiet and chilly day.

I felt happy.

That is, until I heard a noise that can only be described as a fighter jet’s afterburners.

Which was worrying, considering it was near me and there is no local air force base.

As I rounded the corner to my street as I was confronted with a chap with a contorted and pained face.

He had been clearing his throat over a period of about 10 seconds.

Like a fine wine, he then seemed to roll whatever came up from the depths of Hell before spitting it out on the pavement in front of me with alarming accuracy.

The putrid slime that landed with an audible splat made me think back to Ghostbusters.

If I was 5 seconds earlier...

I just don’t understand how he could, without embarrassment, do that without apologising for his actions.

Since when did it become acceptable to do that in the first place?

But what could I do about it?

Insist that he bends down on his hands and knees and picks it up (before it rolled down the hill)?

I’d probably just get stabbed for my troubles.




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