It’s a plug Jim, but not as we know it…

24 01 2012

I’ve recently started NCT (National Childcare Trust) classes.

It’s only my second one but they are proving to be a good source of information.

Reading a book is one thing but going on to discuss things has always helped me remember / take things in.

So it was with a step into the unknown that Abi and I drove to the first meeting last week.

We parked up and waited in the car for a while.

Other couples had already arrived and had not escaped the security of their car (no, I’m not setting the scene for a dogging blog).

I’m guessing everyone was thinking the same things.

“What if they are weirdos?”

“What if we look like and inept and ignorant couple?”

“Is it going to be happy-clappy?”

And so on.

Witching hour approached and we stepped into the building.

We soon realised that we are all on a similar level.

Nervous and seeking knowledge.

After some initial introductions, the mood soon lifted and conversations flowed.

We learned about the various stages of labour first off and I found my first ‘eugh’ term.

Mucus Plug.

I’m not usually put off by these sorts of things but it’s my imagination that get’s the better of me.

It was made worse by its other name.

The Show.

Awwwwwwww come on!

Putting that to one side, so to speak, we learnt a lot and look forward to future sessions.

I’d recommend the classes for anyone embarking on this journey.

If anything it’s a good way to form the basis of a network of people in the same situation that you can call to share experiences and to ask questions.

Like what can I use a mucus plug for…


I’m invited to the party…

3 01 2012

The Christmas break was full of surprises.

I’ve realised my addiction to WoW is fast coming to an end.

My nephew is a secret Yorkshireman.

Family secret santas can work.

Star Wars can be watched again as if it was the first time.

But most importantly, I unexpectedly received an invite to the party.

The party that up until now I just had to watched from the sidelines.

Whilst putting my ear up against my wife’s tummy, Little Pea put his ninja skills to work by delivering his one inch punch to my face.

It was a momentous occasion.

There I was, experiencing something that my wife couldn’t.

I giggled like an excited little school boy.

I’ve lost count now of the times that I’ve felt the little fella move.

I’ll never grow tired of that sensation.

And it’s crazy to think that not long from now, I’m going to feel him move without a wall of skin between us.

Then we can have a proper party.

Happy New Year everyone.