I’m invited to the party…

3 01 2012

The Christmas break was full of surprises.

I’ve realised my addiction to WoW is fast coming to an end.

My nephew is a secret Yorkshireman.

Family secret santas can work.

Star Wars can be watched again as if it was the first time.

But most importantly, I unexpectedly received an invite to the party.

The party that up until now I just had to watched from the sidelines.

Whilst putting my ear up against my wife’s tummy, Little Pea put his ninja skills to work by delivering his one inch punch to my face.

It was a momentous occasion.

There I was, experiencing something that my wife couldn’t.

I giggled like an excited little school boy.

I’ve lost count now of the times that I’ve felt the little fella move.

I’ll never grow tired of that sensation.

And it’s crazy to think that not long from now, I’m going to feel him move without a wall of skin between us.

Then we can have a proper party.

Happy New Year everyone.




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