A favourite childhood game ruined in one foul swoop…

2 02 2012

Remember pass the parcel?

A game I’m sure that will sadly be resigned to the toy box in the sky because you can’t play it online.

The feeling of anticipation and happiness in getting the present and winning a random penny sweet  was awesome.

So it was with a great deal of excitement that at my latest NCT class that our ‘host’ pulled out a wrapped parcel and turned the music on.

The present made it’s way round.

Lady Gaga told us about her bad romance.

And then the music stopped.

The present fell in one chap’s lap and I could tell he was looking forward to ripping it open.

Letting the inner child loose (no, there no early birth) he ripped away at the first layer…

… and discovered a nappy.

Ah-hah! I thought they were giving away nappies.


The lady running the class said open up the nappy.

His look of innocence and happiness changed to one of shock and horror as he opened the nappy to reveal its contents.

Almost as if he was holding an ancient scroll, he turned it around to present a rather black and substantial looking skid.


Like Superman facing Lex Luthor with his necklace of Kryptonite, I cowered into the back of my seat.

Except this one was actually black treacle much to my relief as I knew the parcel would come to me at some point.

More layers to come.

More nappies.

Green Pesto…

Peanut butter…

Water (lucky git) …

Lots of peanut butter…

My turn



I’m not going to play pass the parcel ever again.

Don't open the box I beg you.




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