My very own D-Day…

14 02 2012

6 June 1944 saw the D-Day landings in Normandy.

An extraordinary movement of men venturing into the unknown.

I will be partaking in my very own D-Day soon.

25th March 2012.


In theory it’s the day that my life will change forever.

And will be remembered (if I’m a good Dad) every year.

I still have six weeks to prepare for this momentous occasion give or take a week.

And the rest of my life to mess it up.

But I’m sure that with a little military-like precision planning, the outcome will be one to celebrate.




4 responses

14 02 2012

Norman D Mellor. Is that the name you’ve chosen? I like it. Congrats.

14 02 2012

Dearest husband, no amount of military-like precision planning is going to ensure the little’un arrives on the 25th March. Not unlike his mother, I suspect he will be late!
wifey xx

1 03 2012
Simon Scott

Prepare for:

Wee – baby will wee on you
Vomit – baby will spew on you
Poo – baby will poo on you. What, no one has mentioned this to you before?

And just when you’re ready to break down and cry, the little baby will smile at you, and you’ll forget everything except that smile.

7 03 2012

I’ve classes it as the holy ‘P’ trinity – Piss, Puke and Poo. really looking forward it……..and watching how abi deals with it all

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