23 02 2012

I like the odd nature program now and again.

Makes you feel superior.

Most of the time.

I’d never thought about learning about how to make a nest.

Why would I?!

Foraging for twigs and fluff, making a little home to keep your new-born.

But then it twigged (sorry).

The simple process of tidying the house, cleaning the nursery to be, painting, decorating with a theme is our own version of nesting.

Fairly obvious when you think about it.

So it’s been with enthusiasm that I’ve taken to the task of ‘creating’ the nursery.

I’m no Michelangelo but I’ve had a lot of fun painting it so far.

It’s also a small way to contribute to the struggles my wife is going through.

She has also contributed mind you as you’d expect a heavily pregnant woman to.

“No, the paint is wrong.”

“You missed a bit.”

“Shouldn’t you paint the ceiling first.”

I’m looking forward to showing Little Pea his room when he moves in.

Then spending the next however long wiping poo and wee off the walls.

Master at work




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