Previously on Little Pea…

28 03 2012

So, it’s been a while since I last updated my blog.

As you can guess it’s because I’ve been a bit busy.

Joshua James was born on 10 March at 1.04am weighing in at 6lbs 3oz.

Joshua James, our little star

Here’s a little background…

Abi had to be induced 2 weeks early due to the Obstetric Cholestasis.

The early induction meant we could plan accordingly and I managed to get some time off to cover the additional three days that were needed as well has having the statutory 2 weeks off.

With a great deal of nervousness and and excitement, we then embarked on a journey that would change our lives forever.

After the induction, a Tens Machine and Gas & Air (good stuff if you get the chance to try it), Abi got to 3cm before taking on an epidural.

She managed to get to the full 10cm and then endured an hour of pushing.

At this point both Abi and ‘baby’ were getting tired so it was decided to get her in for a Ventouse delivery.

The baby was back to back and turned during the various phases to the point of making Ventouse not an option.

It was then decided to go for an emergency caesarean section.

I sat with Abi very much looking into her eyes and avoiding what was going on (I was desperate to see what was going on!) throughout the process until we heard something that I will never forget.


A beautiful cry pierced the air, a sound I will never forget, and then Abi and I turned into Mummy and Daddy.

Fortunately for me I got the first hug as Abi was being stitched up and I also announced the sex of the baby to her.

After a period of time in recovery I was sent home for a couple of very happy hours sleep.

But little did I know there was more drama to come…


We are at DEFCON 4…

7 03 2012

Turns out Abi has OC.
Not the affliction of needing to watch The OC.
Obstetric Cholestasis.
In a nut shell it’s a problem with her liver, which means we need to get the baby out (the baby is fine).
And that’s why I’m currently sitting in hospital listening to my baby’s heartbeat.
Pessary is in.
First hospital meal down.
DEFCON 5 a distant memory.
Who knows how long this will take.
I’ve got a copy of the Telegraph, a bag of haribo, my book on Ghenghis Khan and the most beautiful woman in the world right next to me.
I’m happy.
And bricking it.