Previously on Joshua James…

2 04 2012

Little Pea became Joshua James.

Abi and Paul became Mummy and Daddy.

Daddy became the walking dead.

After a couple of days in hospital while Abi recovered from her section, I drove my new family home at probably the slowest I’d ever driven in my life.

We were home.

Tired, but very, very happy with a side of OMG.

We had to pop back in the next day to see the pediatrician for some initial checks.

The pediatrician commented that JJ looked too jaundice and wanted to look into it further.

Long story short, he was submitted into the Special Baby Care Unit (the children’s ward was full).

JJ’s Bilirubin levels were higher than average falling into a medium to high category.

The cure?

Topping up his tan

Joshua spent three days  in the unit with a lot of time under two UV lamps (with his little goggles of course) and was put on a strict feeding routine.

Fortunately for us Abi and I stayed on the ward with him as there were three bedrooms and one was free.

It’s an incredibly emotional sight when you see your baby like that but I could not grumble too much when I saw other babies on the ward in a lot more fragile state.

Once his levels started dropping the UV light was reduced to one, then none and he was eventually allowed to stay in our room.

The Brucie-bonus was that I spent a lot of time with some amazing midwives.

I learnt a lot about the basics such as nappy changing, winding, feeding, cleaning and so on.

Eventually we had the news that he was to be discharged and we could go home.

Two very happy parents again.

And Joshua?

"I'm a-ok thanks!"




2 responses

2 04 2012
Jen McRae

Gee whiz, a bit stressful for your already tired selves! So glad all is ok and Billy has righted his Rubin. May that be as hard as it gets for you and JJ. X

3 04 2012

One can hope Jen, one can hope x

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