The power of a smile…

23 04 2012

As much as I love having a newborn, at times it can be very frustrating.

I want some interaction.

A sign that he knows who I am.

A hint of awareness.

A conversation would be great.

But I must lay to rest my impatience.

Before I know it, JJ will be asking for £20 because he’s off to the local with the lads, and no, don’t wait up.

So enjoy the moment.

It doesn’t last long.

Keeping that in mind I found myself sitting on the edge of my bed with JJ in the Moses basket next to me.


Muslin at hand.

Lost in the moment.

Feeling tired and weary on a Sunday night at the prospect of leaving him for a week.

I’m sure he picked up on this as he stopped wriggling to turn his head and look directly into my eyes.

I was ready to dart in with a muslin before he redecorated his clothes and bed.

And then it happened.


A smile broke out across his face.

His little dimples turning the cute factor up to 11.

It lasted forever.

About four seconds to be precise.

I broke out in a reflective smile as my heart melted.

JJ’s first smile without a follow-up of wind, sick or crying.

I’ll treasure that precious moment for the rest of my life.

I bet a baby’s smile could be used to spread general happiness.

A couple arguing?

Show them a smiling baby.

Riots kicking off?

Send in smiling babies on horseback.

National unrest?

Broadcast a smiling baby on the news.

Next time you’re feeling down, watch a video of a baby smile.

And try to resist the power of a smile.

Smile! It's not JJ but you get the idea.





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