3 05 2012

I’ve been exposed to a lot of sayings since becoming a Dad.The one that rings so true right now?

“They grow up so fast.”

I can’t believe how fast JJ has changed, having just passed the 7 week mark.

As you can see from the photos there is quite a difference.

My little man at about 4 days.

My not so little man at about 7 weeks.

Well, at least I think there is a big difference.

The proof in the pudding is the fact we’re going shopping for more clothes.

Earlyborn – too small (unless we want a David Banner / Hulk shirt ripping performance).

Newborn – almost too small but if he curls his toes inside the baby grow he’s ok.

(slightly off topic – just typed in baby grow into google to reveal a predicted search result of “baby grows for men.” Delightful)

We’ve also had to buy a temporary crib.

His Moses basket is almost too small.

I dread to think how much money will be spent on clothes.

You know that weird old Chinese tradition of binding women’s feet?

I reckon once upon a time a Dad had a stroke of genius.

He realised he could save a fortune on shoes.

Now I’m not suggesting I’ll do that to JJ.

But wouldn’t it be great if clothes could organically grow with your baby?




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