Waste of money? I think not…

9 05 2012

I received a nostalgic present the other day from my brother.

Well, it was actually a present for JJ.

The Panini Euro 2012 sticker album.

Now, I’m obviously collecting them on behalf of JJ.

Being an adult, I get no joy in buying a sticker.


But I will persevere on his behalf!

Afterall, it will form part of his inheritance.

As a kid, I loved sticker albums.

Star Wars, various football tournaments, Garbage Pail Kids and so on.

The anticipation of opening a new pack.

The unique smell that’s released.

The hint of a shiny edge.

The let down when you realise you’ve got them all.

They’re addictive.

They also teach you a few early lessons in life as a kid.

The art of negotiation.

Slowly but surely you collect all but a few stickers.

You end up with a swap pile that can’t be contained by the biggest elastic band.

And everyone in the playground would be after one sticker.

The Holy Grail.

A rare shiny.

What would you be prepared to swap beyond just the stickers in your hand?

Your entire pile of swaps?

Your packed lunch?

A week’s worth of homework?

A date with your sister?

The negotiation separated the boys, from the, er, boys.

It also teaches you the value of money.

Do you sacrifice your favourite packet of sweets for a pack of stickers?

How can you get more pocket-money to afford them?

They also become a valuable trading commodity for parents.

“If you clean up your bedroom I’ll give you a pack of stickers.”

Times however have changed.

An “I want” mentality that sees kids walk around with most expensive tech known to man means the values of stickers has become worthless in comparison to yesteryear.

Access to eBay has almost killed off the idea of a rare shiny.

Schools don’t seem to like the idea of kids bartering under their noses.

So I’ll take it upon myself to keep the Panini sticker album tradition alive.

I just need to make sure the wife doesn’t keep track of my expenditure.

Another valuable lesson in life, for another blog.

OMFG! Neeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!




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