As rare as rocking horse poo…

14 05 2012

I had some Father Son time on Saturday as Abi was off to a hen do.

I’d been really looking forward to it all week.

Since writing this post I’ve been trying to get a photo of JJ smiling, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

Get him used to me again after spending a week away from him at work.

I was optimistic as JJ smiles loads now.

It’ll be easy I told myself.



Remember that Kit Kat ad with the pandas?

Every time I had my camera ready the smile vanished, or he just didn’t smile.

Put it away and he’s grinning like the Cheshire cat.

I eventually packed up the ‘big’ camera away and resorted to the camera phone.

Same thing happened.

Crafty little beggar.

I even put up a mirror so I could watch from behind his chair so that I can spring out when he was smiling.

Did that work?

Fat chance.

I came close…

He was smiling a second ago, honest.

…but no cigar.

I gave up after hundreds of attempts and cheered myself up with my latest batch of Euro 2012 Panini stickers.

I’ll get him smiling on camera eventually.

Or I’ll resort to sellotaping a smile in place.




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