Help me conquer the world, mwahahaha…

18 05 2012


I’m not massively into the stats of my blog.

It’s just a place to write about JJ’s progress and dump random thoughts.

If it was about getting stats, I’d have given up ages ago.

Afterall, my writings are not Pulitzer Prize winning material.

However, I did stumble across an interesting little stat area that grabbed my attention.

It was a map of the world showing where people had read my blog.

I found it quite odd to see that someone in Kuwait, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines and Nepal had been to my blog.

You may have seen from a previous blog that I’m collecting the Panini Euro 2012 stickers for JJ.

I now have a new collector mission.

To get every country to visit my blog.

They say we are all separated by 6 degrees of separation (or 7 depending on who you speak to) so hopefully it should not be too much of a mission.

Famous last words.

How many countries are there in the world?

I’m taking 196 as the benchmark as there seems to be a bit of disagreement around this figure.

How can you help?

Send my blog around the world.

I’m not doing it to have tons of followers.

I just want to collect all the countries and complete my map.

“What’s in it for me?” I hear you cry.

Free Air guitar or free happy thoughts sent your way.

Let me know if you are responsible for any of the countries and I’ll give you a special mention 🙂

I’ll keep you posted with progress but here’s the latest:

Here’s my conquered countries so far…




4 responses

18 05 2012
18 05 2012

I’ve got a whole continent covered for ya!!

23 05 2012
Matt OHagan

You can add Taiwan to your list mate. Just read you blog about your new mission . Good idea.

24 05 2012

Nice one Matt, thanks!

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