Conquering the world – an update…

22 05 2012

You may remember my mission.

The goal to get my blog read in every country, all 196 of them.

Well when I started I had covered 37 countries.

Not a bad start for a UK-based blog featuring the inane ramblings of a nobody.

So here’s the update…

I now have 40 countries.

I’d like to welcome on board the following:




I salute you.

Free air guitar and happy thoughts are winging their way as you read this entry.

Remember, you can help my mission to achieve world domination.

Perhaps you are going on holiday?

Perhaps you are off on business?

Perhaps you are just on the run?

All you have to do is log on to my blog on your travels.

If you know anyone in countries far afield, please send them the link.

As they say in Kenya, “asante sana.”




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