I’m beginning to understand…

7 06 2012

Walking in through the door, the zombie groans as he appreciates the life in the room.

Warm, happy, unsuspecting humans.

The humans look on in horror as this wretched excuse of a human stumbles into the house.

Collapsing to the floor, the zombie makes his way to the easy target.

The little baby stares at the zombie, oblivious to the danger that has presented itself.

The zombie looks into the baby’s eyes and grunts again.

A flicker of recognition runs across the baby’s eyes as he smiles at the deformed creature in front of him.

Mummy, looking shocked, says “Daddy’s home JJ, say hello.”

Here’s Daddy!

Yup, I’m beginning to understand how my Dad felt when he got home after work.

I spend all day looking forward to seeing JJ, only to get home knackered.

What’s worse is then thinking it’s only a couple of hours until I’m in bed myself and in the blink of any eye off to work again.

It can be quite depressing.

My brain is shouting out “play with him, give him a cuddle, encourage him to grab things, tell him a story,” but my hands reach for the remote control and my fat ass longs to be absorbed into the sofa.

I’m sure a lot of Mum’s find it very frustrating to see Dad get home and follow a similar zombified pattern when they haven’t seen their baby all day.

Especially when all they want to do is hand over the baby like an Olympic baton.

It’s tough.

Really tough.

And it’s a battle I face every single night when I get home.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I hope not as that would make me feel even more useless.

So little JJ, if you are reading this in years to come, Daddy is desperate to play with you, but as a Zombie craves flesh, Daddy craves alcohol and 40 winks.

I just hope that Mummy still loves her Zombie when all she wants to do is take out a chainsaw to the head of “that ungrateful sod.”




3 responses

19 07 2012

When I was able to work, and my kids were younger, I used to feel the same way. It’s a case of getting in and just saying “bllleeeeuuuggghhh”

19 07 2012

Sounds like something my baby would understand, perhaps I can now have an intelligent conversation with him.

19 07 2012


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