The butt of the joke…

8 06 2012

Why do they do it?

Are smokers exempt from littering?

Throwing their butts on the street without a care in the world?

I smoke therefore I can chuck.

I don’t have the nerve to pick it up and give it to them saying “I think you dropped something.”

I’d probably get stabbed.

Litter is something that really annoys me as you might guess.

It’s just sheer laziness.

All smokers should be given a little tin to carry around with them to dispose of their ends.

(Dragon’s Den here I come.)

As far as I’m concerned if you can’t find a suitable bin or place to dispose of your butt, don’t use that opportunity to smoke.

Put it in your pocket.

Stick it up your nostril.

Eat it.

I don’t care, just don’t throw it on the floor.

It makes me angry.

Ok, I might not take it this far…




2 responses

14 06 2012

I used to smoke until about six years ago, and I will admit, I was guilty of that too. Until about three years before I gave up. I was mid-thirties then and started seeing rubbish everywhere. So I used to keep hold of the butts until I passed a bin, a street cleaner, dustcart (they were more fun coz you had a moving target). I did call someone back once though who’s dog fouled the footpath and walked off. I just called and said “excuse me, I think your dog dropped something”. I gave her the bag that I was taking to the shop and walked off. I was too worried to look around see if she was doing it. It was gone when I went back that way though. lol

I know exactly what you mean though. A lot of the people who do it are out with their kids, and it teaches their kids that you shouldn’t respect your environment.

BTW – thanks for stopping by my blog.

14 06 2012

Don’t get me started on dog poo!

I was after that information you just posted so that was really helpful. Look forward to picking up more tips.

Thanks for stopping by mine too 🙂

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