I’m old, get out of my way young ‘un…

9 06 2012

It has come to my attention that old people are getting ruder.

Specifically when it comes to saying please and thank you.

This is of course a sweeping generalisation.

You may have noticed this too.

Old people tend to be nice as pie when amongst family and friends (most of the time), but unleash them on the public and it appears to be a different story.

When out and about, these mild-mannered gentle folk seem to forget their Ps and Qs.

Take the other day.

I was driving out from a petrol pump when I noticed a car door slightly open but not moving.

It would block my exit if opened and potentially cause an accident if anyone jumped out.

So I stopped and waited.

Nothing happened.

I was about to drive on when the door opened and an elderly lady popped out.

Well, maybe not popped out, more oozed out.

Accident avoided.

Our eyes met.

I smiled and offered the international hand symbol for ‘after you’.

No smile back.

She took an eternity getting out.

Be patient Paul, be patient and keep smiling.

That is someone’s cute old granny.

She closed the door and proceeded to walk past my car (I could not move until she walked past).

Our eyes met again.

She looked at me as if I was responsible for all the pain and misfortune in the world.

No thank you.

No smile.

Just hurt and suffering.

When you get past a certain age, do you get a letter from your peers to say:

“Welcome to the old people club. You no longer have to say please or thank you. Enjoy.”

Maybe when out and about, old people can’t actually see young people?

Perhaps they have used up their life’s allowance of please and thank you?

Perhaps it’s just me.

Keep an eye out and see what you encounter…

We really don’t like you.




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