I have you under my spell…

19 06 2012

I don’t mind admitting it.

I shed a few tears of happiness this morning.

Sat on the edge of my bed looking at JJ in his bed.

He looked a bit possessed as his eyes opened slightly and rolled around maniacally as if he sensed my presence.

Sleep smiling, his head rolled to one side, he smacked his lips and settled down again.

I started thinking how lucky I was

What a beautiful little so and so he is.

How fortunate after the tumultuous start, to have him in front of me.

Hopefully I’ll never take him for granted.

I’m sure to a lot of parents will say “I feel the same, I know what you mean!”

I’m also sure a lot of parents will say “Just you wait…”

In the mean time, I’m one very happy chap.




3 responses

19 06 2012

These early years are some of the best you will ever have with him. They will be what make him who he truly becomes. My kids are 14 and 16, and I still look back at some of the old photos with love and remember what it was like, and it takes me back to that moment.

19 06 2012

“They will be what make him who he truly becomes” – no pressure then! If he turns out to be an axe murderer I’ll remember that comment!

19 06 2012

haha Love it 😀

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