The Smile Hunter Diaries: The anniversary week…

17 07 2012

A wise man once said:

“Three. That’s the magic number.”

Well I couldn’t agree more.

Today is my third wedding anniversary.

I took the day off and had a wonderful time with my family.

(still feels strange to say that.)

The third anniversary’s theme is leather so we had a little present swap in the morning.

Abi bought me a leather bookmark with “3 wonderful years” pressed into it.

I’m reading Shogun by Jame Clavell, which is an awesome book, so the bookmark will usurp a train ticket.

After getting up, we made our way to the The Waffle House for lunch, which was my first time there and certainly won’t be my last.

Walking off a burger on a waffle and an awesome vanilla milkshake, I stumbled upon two proud mummies.

On our way home I bought a sunflower for Abi, which is a little tradition we have as it’s a flower that she woke up to on the day of our marriage.

So after getting the J-man to relax, I set about putting him into my sights.

It’s been a while.

So this was the anniversary that saw two become three.





6 responses

17 07 2012

When you said leather, I wondered what you were going to say. LOL.

Congratulations on three years together. I think the first two are the most difficult as you are getting under each other’s feet a lot of the time, plus with the baby. Hope the next 30 go well for you as well 🙂

18 07 2012

Well there were a few things I considered that would have warranted a snigger, and then perhaps divorce!
Thanks for the congrats!

18 07 2012

what leather item did you get the Mrs?

18 07 2012

She got a leather changing bag so she’s happy, and she chose it!

18 07 2012

Congrats! Good looking family

19 07 2012

Very kind, thanks!

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