Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming…

19 07 2012

“Dreaming” was this week’s challenge.

The task suggested using a long exposure.

It’s something I’d love to master, it’s just finding the time.

I’m hoping that this weekend will offer plenty of opportunity when I go up north to my parents where light pollution is a lot less.

Anyway, whilst watching JJ sleep, I thought it might be an opportunity to catch him dreaming.

Then I thought about the long exposure part.

So I put on a 30″ exposure time, came out from behind the camera, and gave JJ a kiss goodnight.

It’s a bit rough and ready but I’d like to think that I pop into his dreams now and again.

A kiss to last the night

It’s perhaps a little eerie and ghostlike, but I hope you get the idea.

Night night.




3 responses

19 07 2012

I think that’s fantastic.

20 07 2012

Thanks! The missus was not happy about this shot because it almost inferred I was a ghost and was tempting fate!

20 07 2012

I don’t see it that way. I see it as you giving him the lightest of kisses so as not to disturb him.

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