Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

22 07 2012

I spent the weekend up north at my parents.

The weather was meant to be good and I hoped for a bbq, a clear night sky and an opportunity to take some night photos.

We had a bbq.

No clear sky.

Night photos were taken but not what I had planned (see next post).

During the bbq I got the opportunity to complete this week’s photo challenge, which was called Inside.

With the number of grandchildren increasing, my parents are accumulating a lot of toys.

One of them is a tunnel.

(picture lightbulb above my head.)

JJ ventured inside the tunnel commando style, with a little help from Daddy.

He was in a good mood and gave me lots of opportunity to complete my challenge.

Hope you like it.




11 responses

22 07 2012

OMG…..what a doll!!! 🙂

22 07 2012

Thank you! We think so!

24 07 2012

Hehe thanks! He’s proving to be quite a nice subject, just hope he does not become too much of a poser!

22 07 2012

He is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

24 07 2012

Thanks! One can only hope he stays like that!

24 07 2012


24 07 2012

Thanks Mike 🙂

25 07 2012
The Guat

I like this picture. Very cool. Very cool.

25 07 2012

Thanks, I’m really pleased with it too 🙂

26 07 2012
Angelia Sims

Adorable!!! What a precious smile. 🙂 I’d say he likes being inside very much. HA.

27 07 2012

Thanks Angelia – I’m hoping he keeps that smile and doesn’t turn into his Dad!

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