Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple…

30 07 2012

So what does the Weekly Photo Challenge have to throw at me this week?


It’s not really a colour you see much of unless you happen to see nice flowers, fashion dictates purple is this season’s colour or there happens to be a display of Tyrian purple.

Or, you happen to be lucky enough to be surrounded by the London 2012 Olympics.

Lucky me.

And on that subject, I was given tickets to go and see Team GB play at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

So here is a selection of Purple and a few extras.

See if you can spot Prince William, David Beckham and England Manager Roy Hodgson who were sitting not too far away.




6 responses

30 07 2012

Nice pic to snap of the prince and becks!

31 07 2012

Thanks 🙂 Wish I was a bit closer!

31 07 2012
The Retiring Sort

Nice – I don’t normally think of purple as an Olympic color!

31 07 2012

Thanks – neither did I until I turned up at the event!

31 07 2012

Wooowww.. Purple everywhere….^*^

31 07 2012

I am very jealous indeed, lovely shots 🙂

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