An Olympic conclusion…

1 08 2012

I’ve really got into the Olympics.

A lot more than I thought I would do.

I’ve especially liked the synchronised diving.

I find it amazing that someone can chuck themselves off a 10m high dive platform, in time with their partner and then generate virtually no splash.

So it was with great merriment this morning that I drew parallels with this and my number twos.

Somehow Tom Daley (Team GB diver extraordinaire) can launch himself off at this tremendous height and create less splashback than my 30cm attempt at launching my very own toilet torpedo.

I’m not sure how this can come to pass considering the streamlined nature of my corn eyed brown trout, gravity and very little distance travelled.

My conclusion?

Tom Daley weighs less than my chocolate exports.




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1 08 2012


1 08 2012
The Feists Great Escape

Thanks for the laugh.

1 08 2012

Glad to be of service 🙂

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