Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth…

9 08 2012

I’m sure there are plenty of accurate ways to measure your child’s growth in terms of height.

Lasers, tape measures, rulers.

Me, I prefer a lighthouse screwed to a wall.

Getting measured up for 21 weeks.




7 responses

9 08 2012

Love the way he is looking at the camera 😀

9 08 2012

Was going to dismiss the shot, but it made me chuckle! Nowadays it’s too easy to get a smile so perhaps the challenge is capturing different expressions. That’s just given me a thought for a few blogs…

Thanks!! 🙂

9 08 2012


10 08 2012
ioanna aggelidaki

“Nooooo, no pictures pleaseeee! Damn you paparazzi!!!!!!!!!” hahaha

10 08 2012

It must feel like that for him, poor fella. He’ll be getting drunk, breaking my camera and punching my nose like any good celebrity before I know it!

15 08 2012
The Guat

Nice! Very nice.

15 08 2012

Thanks again!

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