Proud to be British…

14 08 2012

Sometimes I don’t quite know what to make of being British.

Our nation’s flag is the subject of much criticism, driven on the whole by our own countrymen.

We’re told it’s deemed fascist, it represents a chequered history, it purportedly offends visitors to our country or it’s just a simply a bit too chavvy.

But for the past two weeks, I have felt overwhelmingly proud to be British.

The Olympics has simply been a fantastic event for this country and been a much welcome boost.

We have welcomed the global community to our home, rolled out the red carpet, got out our best china and let them take the comfy seat in front of the fire.

Unified by a small flame that passed throughout this green and pleasant land, the world watched as we waved with great enthusiasm come rain or shine.

We queued in an orderly fashion for a 3 second glimpse of the torch and to cheer for our unspoken and anonymous heroes, carriers of this fast becoming potent symbol.

An opening ceremony unlike any other seen on this planet had us all captivated and tweeting like a dawn chorus.

Days were then spent watching events that ordinarily we’d ignore.

We then became armchair experts in scoring them.

Sharing in moments of sheer elation and of great despair we were there every step of the way with athletes from not just our own country.

Volunteers smiled unabated as they were tested by all they encountered.

Stadiums roared in unison, holding aloft a once proud symbol of this country as legends were born.

Every single little detail was captured and broadcast by the BBC with viewers in praise of Auntie’s coverage.

But as fast it had arrived, the Olympics left us with the Spice Girls ringing in its ears, bound for more exotic shores.

Left in its wake, a country that was brought together for a fleeting moment believing anything was possible.

So continue to fly your flag high for Great Britain.

Be proud of what we have achieved.

Be proud to be British.




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