I have a new chef…

24 08 2012

I really enjoy cooking.

There’s something about it that my OCD nature loves.

Following a recipe, precise weighing, chopping perfectly, neat piles of ingredients, assembling the dish, cleaning up as I go and everything just generally being in order.

All this meant that my wife was more than happy to let me get on with it and be head chef.

But since the arrival of JJ, all this has changed.

My wife has taken over as head chef.

When I get back from work I don’t get the opportunity to cook.

If I did,  it would mean JJ gets no Daddy time.

It would also mean that Wifey gets no ‘non-JJ’ time.

Both of those things being really important.

So as my skills languish, Abi seems to be absorbing them.

I’m not complaining by any stretch but I do miss it.




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