JJ sleeping update…

28 08 2012

You may remember my previous blog about JJ’s latest sleeping problems.

Well after about 2 weeks he lured us into a false sense of security.

He seemingly returned back to normal, sleeping for 10 hours.


The next night, he woke up again at times I only the night shift should be privy to.


I’m hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel because all this broken sleep is starting to take its toll.

But I suppose this is what you sign up for as soon as you bring a baby into the world.

Abi has since taken JJ to the doctors as he’s got some kind of skin complaint, which results in him scratching quite ferociously.

This could also be part of the problem.

When you help him with the scratching he’s like a dog when you scratch its ticklish spot.

His eyes look up to you trying to communicate “thank you Daddy, keep going.”

Fingers crossed things will improve soon as it’s heartbreaking when there is nothing you can immediately do to help, even with something as simple as an itch.

I’ll keep you posted…




5 responses

28 08 2012

Being a baby, it is so difficult as they can’t talk to you and say “daddy – this hurts” or “daddy I need this”. It will get better, I assure you. Then it’ll get worse again when they reach the teens LOL

You are a great dad and getting through this difficult very well (even if it doesn’t seem like it)

28 08 2012

Thanks Mondrak. I know in the great scheme of things this is nothing really but it’s amazing how it chips away at you, especially when you have broken sleep!

28 08 2012

Yeah, I remember the times. It used to create such irritability it was unreal. And then suddenly, they were through it, and the sleep came back, and that was soooo nice 🙂

28 08 2012

Not that I want to wish away his youth but I hope those days come fast!

28 08 2012

LOL Hopefully it won’t be too long for you

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