My Great Uncle’s 60th birthday…

30 09 2012

I’ve been really looking forward to my first trip abroad. Apparently we went to the Maldives when I was in my Mummy’s tummy but I didn’t see any of that so it does not count. Daddy said it was going to be a big trip to France because it was my Great Uncle Jeremy’s 60th birthday and we had lots of family and friends coming over. 60 is very old and I think he must have been born in black and white times.

We had to catch a very early flight so I went to bed nice and early. I was woken up a few seconds later by my Daddy at 4am doing an impression of me crying. I was not happy about that and he said something about revenge. We got up and got on a big train and made our way to the airport. I don’t really remember much after that because I like going to sleep when I travel without moving.

I woke up in France in a little town called Pons. We thought we were the first ones there but Great Uncle Jonty had already arrived. For some silly reason he had cycled all the way from his house in England so I think that was why he smelled a bit. Not long after that everyone started to arrive and it got a bit loud. Luckily for me someone my own age turned up so that meant I did not have to look after all the grown ups by myself. I was a bit unsure of her at first but she had a nice smile so that made me happy.

All sorts of things happened during our stay. I remember one morning when Mummy was pushing me around the garden, there were lots of grown-ups dancing about looking very tired and hot. Mummy said that my Auntie Caroline was taking a fun exercise class but it looked like a few of the grown-ups had not done anything like that before and had very troubled looks on their faces and were not having fun.

One day there was something called the Olympics. There was an egg and spoon race, a baguette relay, swimming, a croissant chuck, sit down volleyball and a Rocky Horror dance off, whatever that is. I was happy sitting in my pushchair watching the grown-ups getting very loud and tired. Daddy was very happy because his team won but one man with hair on his face was upset because he said he was robbed. I don’t know what was stolen but I hope they caught the nasty man responsible. Daddy’s trophy was strange because it looked so small in his hands but it was as big as my head.

A lot of the men got very excited on another day because they were going to cart something but I’m not sure what that meant. I do know that it was very noisy. Daddy said I was too young to join in so I went to sleep.

Mummy had a special day because it was her birthday and I helped her open some presents. We had a trip to the beach with my Uncle Ben and Auntie Victoria and it was the biggest beach I had ever seen. Daddy must have thought my feet were dirty because he kept dunking them in the sea. Even though I screamed to tell him it was too cold he kept doing it. He forgot to test the temperature with his elbow.

On other days I had my first ever go on a swing which was lots of fun, had a splash in a little pool with my cousin, drove my first car and was sick all over Daddy’s face because he played aeroplanes with me.

My favourite day was when Mummy dressed me up in a red muslin and said that I was now called “More Glee” for some reason. I think I prefer Joshua. I heard a few grown-ups say that there was a Jungle Book fancy dress party because my Great Uncle Jeremy was a big fan of the loo. Very strange. There were lots of pretty clothes but the best was my Uncle Ben because he looked just like me. It was all very tiring.

I had lots of fun and I can’t wait for my next holiday, especially when Great Uncle Jeremy pays as I don’t have any money.

All that typing has made my little hands tired so I’m going to bed. Night night x


Back in the UK…

25 09 2012

I’ve just returned from a fantastic holiday in France.

We had a great big knees-up celebrating my Uncle’s 60th birthday (blog to follow).

About 50 of us (mainly family) took over a lovely old Chateau not too far from Cognac.

I’m lucky to have family that get on so well and can spend a week in each other’s company without so much as a murmur of complaint.

It was a great opportunity to have lots of time with my wifey and JJ, to catch up with family, to relax and to drink and eat too much.

Now I just need another holiday to recover!

Radio Silence…

12 09 2012

It’s been a bit busy at work and home of late hence my radio silence.

I’m also off on holiday shortly so it’s going to continue to be a bit quiet.

Fear not, I will be blogging again soon.

Thanks to everyone for their recent comments and likes, I’ll get back to you as soon as I get a second or two.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far…

10 09 2012

I’m not sure if this really meets the brief.

A bit of artistic licence is needed here me thinks.

So for all intents and purposes this week, I’m an ant.

An ant that has a long way to go to reach his destination.

An ant that looks up for the briefest of moments to see how far he has to go.

An ant that also happens to have a camera.

A concrete chimney.

A lamppost.

The side of a tree.

More tree.

Humans, ahhhhhh, run away!

The Emotion Hunter: Anticipation…

9 09 2012

It’s been trickier than I thought to hunt down the emotions of JJ.

The swing between happiness and being upset is too easy to capture.

Another problem has been defining what emotions are – is there a list?

I did a bit of digging and established there are lots of clever ways of grouping emotions.

One such example is Robert Plutchik’s theory that says there are eight basic emotions.

I got emotional trying to understand it.

I like the idea of this because it meant I could try to work around this wheel, hunting each one in turn.

The eight basic emotions are just outside the circle.

From what I can decipher, you then have the extreme of that emotion on the inside and the lesser on the outside.

Add up to basic emotions and then you get the result on the outside, e.g. Optimism is equal to Anticipation and Joy.

You can then see the opposites, e.g. Sadness and Joy.

Simple eh?

Then I started to realise it might be quite hard doing this with a 6 month old.

But then it would not be a challenge.

I think JJ’s emotions are up for interpretation anyway so feel free to disagree with my hunting.

So, first up…

The reason I chose anticipation is because he was soon asleep.

He knew it was coming.

Perhaps it was sadness because he knew he’d soon not see Daddy.

Forgot I was trying to conquer the world…

7 09 2012

I’m happy to say that the conquering continues, even if only in the background.

So far, 76 countries have been conquered so I’m still way off my total, but I’d say that’s a fairly respectable total already.

But I’m not giving up.

So here’s the latest countdown and why not listen to this in the background while you read them:

Armenia – The first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion back in 4th century.

Cambodia – Apparently 50% of the population is under 15. I’ll refrain from Glitter jokes.

Denmark – Apparently Danish law states that when eating at an inn, you can’t be charged for food unless, this person by his/her own opinion, is “full”.

Fiji – There is a particular spot on Taveuni Island where a person can stand with one foot in the current day and one foot in the day before.

‘Palestinian Territory, Occupied’ – This geographic location has lowest land elevation in the world.

Portugal – The longest bridge in Europe can be found here – the Vasco de Gama bridge – which is 17km long. I enjoyed driving over it.

Serbia – According to the CIA, 43,945 men are reaching a militarily significant age annually.

Sweden – My nemesis IKEA was founded here in 1943.

You want an air guitar?

You got an air guitar.

Need some happy thoughts?

They are on their way.

My pleasure.

Soon you will be all mine. ALL MINE.

Two cute…

5 09 2012

Saw this video today which brought a smile to my face.

Hope you like it too.

11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar

And yes that was deliberate, was trying to be clever!

If you didn’t notice, shame on you.