JJ’s Paralympic day out…

4 09 2012

We took JJ out  to the Paralympics at the weekend.

What a day and what an experience.

Fortunately JJ played ball and was a saint despite having a bad rash that continues to plague him (not that it’s the plague. I hope.).

We whisked him around the Olympic Park and he took in all the sights without falling asleep.

After a sneaky Mac-attack, we parked up the buggy and took his lordship into his first stadium.

JJ sported his Union Jack romper suit and a set of baby ear defenders (DJ-JJ) that brought a smile to all that saw him as we made our way to our seats.

He did look cute I must admit.

We were up in the Gods and had a spectacular view of the evenings events at the Olympic Stadium.

The crowd just got louder and louder as world record after world record was broken.

But not just broken, utterly smashed.

It’s amazing watching history in the making.

I don’t think JJ was that fussed as he idly chewed on an illuminous elephant.

He certainly wasn’t a fan of the noise.

After pulling his ear defenders off, he was in a state of shock after the crowd let out a massive roar, culminating in a screwed up face and a little cry.

We left a little early as JJ got quite tired as it was way past his bedtime.

I hope he had inspirational dreams of elite altheletes.

What a day.




2 responses

4 09 2012

Absolutely fantastic.

Thanks for sharing your day with us

5 09 2012

Pleasure Mondrak!

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