Forgot I was trying to conquer the world…

7 09 2012

I’m happy to say that the conquering continues, even if only in the background.

So far, 76 countries have been conquered so I’m still way off my total, but I’d say that’s a fairly respectable total already.

But I’m not giving up.

So here’s the latest countdown and why not listen to this in the background while you read them:

Armenia – The first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion back in 4th century.

Cambodia – Apparently 50% of the population is under 15. I’ll refrain from Glitter jokes.

Denmark – Apparently Danish law states that when eating at an inn, you can’t be charged for food unless, this person by his/her own opinion, is “full”.

Fiji – There is a particular spot on Taveuni Island where a person can stand with one foot in the current day and one foot in the day before.

‘Palestinian Territory, Occupied’ – This geographic location has lowest land elevation in the world.

Portugal – The longest bridge in Europe can be found here – the Vasco de Gama bridge – which is 17km long. I enjoyed driving over it.

Serbia – According to the CIA, 43,945 men are reaching a militarily significant age annually.

Sweden – My nemesis IKEA was founded here in 1943.

You want an air guitar?

You got an air guitar.

Need some happy thoughts?

They are on their way.

My pleasure.

Soon you will be all mine. ALL MINE.




12 responses

7 09 2012

Fiji – Time Travel
Cambodia. I think Jonathon King would be upset about Glitter jokes 😉

7 09 2012

Lol, Jonathan King, forgot all about him. I wonder what he’s up to. Actually no I don’t.

7 09 2012

Hopefully he’s got his head stuck up Gary’s backside and is slowly choking to death while rupturing Glitter from the inside

9 09 2012

Sounds like something they might both enjoy.

7 09 2012
The Guat

IKEA is everyone’s nemesis 🙂 Good post.76 countries sounds really good.

9 09 2012

Thanks Guat. 76 sounds good but a lot to go!

8 09 2012
Tamar Najarian

China and Greenland I want! those large countries just show huge gaps!

9 09 2012

I’m sure people have been to my blog via China but can’t work out why it’s not registering. Must be the Great Firewall of China!

9 09 2012
Tamar Najarian

that’s what I’m thinking too!

11 09 2012
ioanna aggelidaki

Good job Frankwell!!! Almost there, almost there! I ‘ll go check my stats too! 😛

13 09 2012
ioanna aggelidaki

Plus, i wanna say, you are an influencer! 😀 You are mentioned here,, in my about page! You sure got me into thinking!

25 09 2012

Thanks Ioanna, happy that I got you thinking!

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