Simple pleasures…

3 10 2012

It’s very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose sight of what’s really important in life.

Sometimes we need a really big kick to remind us.

That’s why I consider myself very lucky to have a little kick waiting for me at home every day.

I sat down with JJ the other day and on hearing the word “seriously” he burst out laughing.

Every time I said it, he chuckled away (I’ll try to post the video another time).

It was addictive and I didn’t want that moment to end.

I was lost in a world of serious smiles and serious laughter.

Another little kick that got me all reflective was Jose Maria Olazabel.

Bear with me.

On winning the Ryder Cup, European team captain Olazabel commented on how much his team meant to him.

“All men die, but not all men live. And you made me feel alive again this week.”

A lovely sentiment.

So what’s most important to you?

What makes you feel alive?

Sometimes it’s just the simple pleasures that makes life truly worth living.

Just don’t forget about them.




3 responses

3 10 2012

My kids make me feel alive. Although sometimes when they have nightmares, I feel dead lol

7 10 2012

I certainly don’t look forward to JJ getting his first nightmares 😦

7 10 2012

Hopefully not too many 🙂

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