A right knees up…

9 10 2012

Joshua had a go at writing about his experience in France so there is not much to say after that.

We had a fantastic time and it was really good to spend such a big chunk of time with the boy.

It was the first holiday that wifey and I had to consider someone else other than ourselves.

We were lucky enough though to be surrounded by very loving family who were only too happy to take JJ off our hands when we needed a little break.

For those interested we stayed at Chateau St Surin Estate near Belluire.

It’s a beautiful area of the countryside, surrounded by sunflowers.

Unfortunately they were at the end of their lives, but I can imagine they must have looked stunning in full bloom.

We ventured out a few times to the local area visiting Pons, Cognac, and Saint-Georges-de-Didonne.

But the holiday was more about being with family and enjoying each other’s company.

And we certainly did that, often fuelled with the local wine.

Happy days.

Here’s a bunch of random photos from the trip.





7 responses

9 10 2012

You missed off the one of you drinking directly from the wine box! 🙂

9 10 2012

And there’s me tryinf to present a professional view of myself.

13 10 2012

For some reason I missed this one. Unusual as I normally get everyone of your posts

15 10 2012

I’ll forgive you this time! 😉

15 10 2012

So kind 😀

24 10 2012
The Guat

What a good collage. I love the blue crab outfit. Great pic.

25 10 2012

Thanks – still trying to work out the best way of displaying images, e.g. through a post when relevant, collage, slideshow etc. What do you think? Yeah love the crab outfit too, hopefully it will get more use!

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