The eye of the storm…

15 10 2012

It’s time for JJ’s latest sleep update.

JJ’s had it a bit tough of late as you may know.

He hasn’t had much solid sleep, so neither has Mummy or Daddy.

It’s been going on for over 2 months now.

However, things have appeared to be getting better.

We had a period of time when all of a sudden, he slept for about 10-12 hours again.

It was bliss.

It was quiet.



It lasted about a week (note the past tense).

The eye of the storm passed and it all kicked off again.

The poor little scrap has come down with a bad cold.

He has started wheezing, is completely bunged up so finds it difficult to eat and he breathes really quickly for some reason.

Think Darth Vader with the flu having completed the London Marathon.

To make matters worse, Wifey has taken ill too.

So back to broken sleep.

Back to that limbo when you don’t know if you are awake or asleep.

And welcome back dysfunctional brain, poor short-term memory and a desire to drink.

I’m sure like any bad storm, it will pass.

Just in time for teething…




4 responses

15 10 2012

Oooh not good. Hope all get well soon and you don’t go down with anything

16 10 2012

Thanks matey

24 10 2012
The Guat

Yeah … teething is the worst and sometimes Orajel still keeps them awake. Good luck 🙂

25 10 2012

I guess there will always be something 🙂

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