Mr & Mrs Chapman…

9 11 2012

Wifey and I were invited to a wedding the other day.

My parents kindly came down from up North to look after JJ.

Dad’s ‘taxi’ was on call for the evening.

Hello alcohol.

The wedding was between Mark and Kirsty, a couple of designers who met at my last place of work.

Mark is a very lucky chap as Kirsty is a great catch.

And the vice versa can also be said!

Two beautiful people who I hope live happily ever after.

The whole day took place in a gorgeous barn not too far from where we live.

I promised myself not to have too much to drink before the ceremony took place.

Several glasses of champagne later, I realised it was an empty promise.

Being the small world that it is:

The registrar was the same one that married Wifey and me

One of the readings was the same as at our wedding – The Lovely Other Dinosaur by Edward Monkton.

One of the Bridesmaids was a Client of my agency

It was a wonderful ceremony that led into a gorgeous wedding breakfast.

The food was sublime, the drinks flowed and our table was full of really great people.

The day and night whizzed by and after too many drinks, an obligatory Sambuca and a spot of what I was told was Dad dancing, it was time to go home.

Not because I was Dad dancing I hasten to add.

Don’t you just love a good wedding?




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