Another JJ first…

21 11 2012
Well it continues to be rather busy.

I didn’t see JJ at all one week due to coming back late each night.

Even had to postpone a day off.


But that happens now and again, so “deal with it” as they say.

I managed to get the day off eventually to spend some time with the boy (and Wifey of course) for a long weekend.

On one day we took JJ for his first ever swimming lesson.

Yup, he’s only 8 months, so it was more about continuing to get him used to a pool.

Turns out that the lesson was really for me.

After he decided to start his swimming lesson in the changing room by paddling around in his own wee on the changing board (still amazes me how much can come out), we hit the pool.

Along with another Dad, a Mum and their respective babies, we had a lesson on how to encourage your baby in the pool whilst being watched by our eagle-eyed, dry other halves.

We learnt about holding them in certain ways, getting them to kick and splash and just generally how to be positive with them in the pool.

To an onlooker, it must have been a strange thing to watch at times.

At one point I was making exaggerated happy faces, singing “I’m a little teapot” whilst pouring water over my head from bright blue watering can.

Perhaps it was a glimpse into my twilight years.

JJ just looked bemused.

Daddy (not so) Cool had already started to embarrass him in front of the other babies.

It was a lot of fun for me until JJ realised getting some milk down his throat was more important and decided to let the world know by trying to drink the pool and then crying when he realised it was not milk.

I’m looking forward to the next session as it’s a weekly Sunday early morning event for some father son bonding.

Except next time, it’s only me taking him.

Mummy will be curling up in bed at home.

Daddy will be wondering how to grow another pair of arms.

Ready to hit the pool.




4 responses

21 11 2012

Too gorgeous for words. 🙂

22 11 2012

Aww, thanks!

21 11 2012
ioanna aggelidaki


22 11 2012

Thanks Ioanna. I wanted to get sme photos in the pool but no cameras allowed 😦

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