Sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind…

4 12 2012

The swimming lessons continue in earnest with JJ.

We had our second one recently and it felt like a walk in the park for him.

Albeit, a walk in the park where you are enjoying all the sights and sounds then suddenly find yourself under water.

The instructor asked how we’d feel about putting our babies under the water to the tune of Humpty Dumpty.

I didn’t like to think about the horrific consequences Mr Dumpty experienced after falling from that wall, and said JJ had never gone under before.

After a brief explanation of what to do – blow in their face and quickly dunk him – I turned around to look at Wifey sitting on the sideline like a helpless parent.

We connected across the pool with a mutual feeling of panic.

Obviously showing no fear I embarked on JJ’s first dunking.

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great faaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllll.”



I forgot to finish the rhyme, not that JJ really cared about what happened to this ovoid freak of nature.

No tears.

No crying.

Just a look back at Daddy as if to say “WTF WAS THAT FOR YOU FOOL?”

He carried on after that without a care in the world.

But something tells me that he logged what happened.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but at some point I’m sure he’ll seek his revenge.

So I dunked him again for good measure.




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4 12 2012


7 12 2012
The Guat

Yeah I think he totally logged that one. Ha ha Too funny.

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