The early morning feed is no more…

31 01 2013

We’ve unfortunately developed a bad habit with JJ.

He’s been waking up in the early hours demanding food.

The solution seemed quite simple at first.

Crawl into his room like the living dead, get some milk into his gob, fall back into a now cold bed and pray you fall back into slumber before the alarm goes off ready to go to work.

Well it’s started to take its toll.

Wifey and I are like zombies, with Wifey taking the lion’s share of working week feeds.


But when you have a baby next to your head in bed enjoying his bottle, it’s always hard to fall back to sleep.

So now, JJ expects to be fed every time he wakes up.

But no more.

Enough’s enough.

We’re tired of being tired.

So it’s time to break the routine of the early morning feed.

Wish us luck.


Another aminutewithme milestone…

29 01 2013

Playing catch up with the ol blog looking at the latest countries I’ve conquered (update to follow), I noticed my views.

I’ve now gone past the 10,000 mark.

11,099 to be exact.

Couldn’t believe it.

Considering I’m a Mr. Nobody rambling on about ‘stuff,’ seeing the views gave me a shock.

It won’t sound like a lot to people, but it does to me.

So thanks to everyone who has visited and continues to visit.

I hope the posts will carry on giving you reason to keep popping back.

So as a random ‘reward,’ here’s a picture I took the other night.

I was at London Bridge station the other day.

Minding my own business.

Looking ahead with a 1,000 yard stare as most commuters seem to do.

When suddenly this popped into my view.

So I grabbed a quick shot on my mobile.

For those that don’t know the building, it’s the recently constructed Shard.

The Shard

The Shard

Love it or hate it, I think it’s quite an impressive building.

About 20 seconds later I then walked into someone whilst still staring at it.

The 1,000 yard stare ahead was quickly resumed.

The best laid plans…

25 01 2013

Well January has whizzed by rather quickly.

I didn’t have any resolutions.

My only plan was to try to keep on top of my blog.

That’s not really happened.

Not a great start.

It’s been a busy couple of months.

So here are a few of my highlights:

JJ’s teeth starting to come through. Now he can bite food, toys, sticks, cables, Daddy…

JJ’s first Christmas and all the excitement that comes with that (probably more so for us as parents)

JJ starting to crawl – bit of a bum shuffle like a dog with worms at the moment, but it’s a whole new world for him now that he can explore beyond the play mat

Taking JJ swimming but I think he just prefers being in the bath, with toys

JJ continues to amaze me with his number twos – how something that size can come out of such a small chap will never cease to amaze me

Spending a solid two weeks with JJ and Wifey over Christmas was the best present I could have

But my favourite highlight has been coming home to be greeted by JJ – he now crawls to me, offers up his hands to be picked up and gives me the biggest smile.

What a way to finish a day.

Sometimes it can bring a tear to my eye.

Because he’s biting my chin.

I hear there be gold at the top of the stairs

I hear there be gold at the top of the stairs