The best laid plans…

25 01 2013

Well January has whizzed by rather quickly.

I didn’t have any resolutions.

My only plan was to try to keep on top of my blog.

That’s not really happened.

Not a great start.

It’s been a busy couple of months.

So here are a few of my highlights:

JJ’s teeth starting to come through. Now he can bite food, toys, sticks, cables, Daddy…

JJ’s first Christmas and all the excitement that comes with that (probably more so for us as parents)

JJ starting to crawl – bit of a bum shuffle like a dog with worms at the moment, but it’s a whole new world for him now that he can explore beyond the play mat

Taking JJ swimming but I think he just prefers being in the bath, with toys

JJ continues to amaze me with his number twos – how something that size can come out of such a small chap will never cease to amaze me

Spending a solid two weeks with JJ and Wifey over Christmas was the best present I could have

But my favourite highlight has been coming home to be greeted by JJ – he now crawls to me, offers up his hands to be picked up and gives me the biggest smile.

What a way to finish a day.

Sometimes it can bring a tear to my eye.

Because he’s biting my chin.

I hear there be gold at the top of the stairs

I hear there be gold at the top of the stairs




4 responses

25 01 2013

That is awesome. I remember when Kester had his first tooth. I always used to allow him suckle on my nose to see if he was hungry, and when he had a tooth come through, he bit my nose LOL

Glad you had a good Christmas and New Year

28 01 2013

I did a similar thing! There was something strangely comforting when he was smaller and did that. Unless I want my nose reshaping there’s no way I’d do that now.

28 01 2013

Yeah, Kester is nearly 17 now, I don’t think I’ll let him do it any more 😉

29 01 2013


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