The early morning feed is no more…

31 01 2013

We’ve unfortunately developed a bad habit with JJ.

He’s been waking up in the early hours demanding food.

The solution seemed quite simple at first.

Crawl into his room like the living dead, get some milk into his gob, fall back into a now cold bed and pray you fall back into slumber before the alarm goes off ready to go to work.

Well it’s started to take its toll.

Wifey and I are like zombies, with Wifey taking the lion’s share of working week feeds.


But when you have a baby next to your head in bed enjoying his bottle, it’s always hard to fall back to sleep.

So now, JJ expects to be fed every time he wakes up.

But no more.

Enough’s enough.

We’re tired of being tired.

So it’s time to break the routine of the early morning feed.

Wish us luck.




6 responses

31 01 2013

That’s the hard part. Trying to sort his routine out for him. Now that he has the “oooh food … gimme foood … nnnoooowwwww ….. gimme gimme gimme” locked into him, it will be a bit difficult and screamworthy for a while. Stick with it though. Good luck

1 02 2013

Thanks Alastair – last night was a good start and he woke up at almost a socialable hour. Long may that continue!

1 02 2013

Let’s hope so 🙂

1 02 2013

Good luck. “This too shall pass,” as my mom often says. 😀

1 02 2013

Thanks. I certainly hope so otherwise I’llbe using tape to hold my eyelids open!

1 02 2013

Matchsticks might also work. 😀

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